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By Shaun Kitchener On November 6, 2012

X Factor Bosses Unhappy With Christopher Maloney Voting For Himself?

Doesn't everyone?

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X Factor Bosses Unhappy With Christopher Maloney Voting For Himself?
Photo: WENN

Christopher Maloney has admitted to voting for himself a few times on The X Factor, prompting reports that staff are annoyed with him for being 'against the spirit of the show'.

All contestants are thought to be ringing their own voting number a few times, but The Mirror today claims that Maloney really goes to town with helping himself stay in the competition.

"I've voted for myself a few times," he said. "So has everyone else – I doubt my calls have made much of a difference...If I had more credit on my phone I’d vote more."

However, an insider on the show tells the tabloid: "'You can’t outlaw this sort of behaviour but it leaves a very sour taste. It’s against the spirit of the show."

A production team member is also quoted as saying: "I've seen him dialling and redialling his own number over and over again. It's sad really but he wants it that much he's spending a fortune."

Kye Sones, eliminated on Sunday, has been vocal about not being pals with the 39-year-old wildcard.

He said: "All of us have got really close and then you’ve got Chris. We’ve been a really strong group and he’s been an outsider — and that’s nothing to do with any of us lot.

"He’s very tactical. There are two different people — one when cameras are there and one when they’re not there."

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