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By Kayleigh Dray On November 6, 2012

Heidi Klum Takes Dating Inspiration From Whitney Houston?

The supermodel admits she's been watching The Bodyguard a LOT since she started dating hers...

Heidi Klum Takes Dating Inspiration From Whitney Houston?

Heidi Klum, no doubt sick of people drawing parallels between her life and that of Whitney Houston's character in her 1993 hit film 'The Bodyguard', has admitted that she finally caved in and watched the movie herself.

The supermodel has explained to Ellen Degeneres that, since dating Martin Kristen (dubbed by ex-hubby Seal as "the help"), she felt as if she "had to" watch the classic Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner romantic drama.

"I've actually watched that movie since then. I had to... [I'm] very happy."

We're guessing she chose to ignore the bittersweet ending, as she also admitted that she's planning on channeling Houston's character in a very big (if slightly risque way!) at some point in 2013:

"[Whitney's character is] going to be my Halloween costume next year... Maybe."

To be honest, after Heidi Klum was forced to cancel her annual Halloween party this year due to Hurricane Sandy, we were hoping for a slightly more elaborate costume than one of Whitney's costumes from 'The Bodyguard'.

In the meantime, we're happy to hear that things are going well between her and her real-life version of Kevin Costner's character.

Heidi Klum's Best Halloween Costumes Ever

Heidi Klum looked dead good when she opted for this terrifying corpse-like ensemble at last year's Halloween party! October 30 2012 (WENN)
Meet Heidi Klum / Kali, goddess of destruction - now THAT'S a Halloween costume to remember! October 30 2012 (WENN) 
Heidi Klum has done the traditional Mean Girls-style Halloween costume of a sexy animal - with a twist. This realistic cat ensemble was purr-fect. October 30 2012 (WENN)
Heidi Klum may be a chimpanzee - but check out the cleavage on this Halloween costume! October 30 2012 (WENN)
Do you think your wig is big enough, Heidi? This Halloween costume feels a bit Rocky Horror Show to us... October 30 2012 (WENN)
Heidi Klum COULD have opted for a sexy and barely-covered Eve costume, but instead she chose to be the snake-and-the-apple this Halloween. October 30 2012 (WENN)
This is the Cleopatra costume Heidi Klum WOULD have worn for Halloween 2012 if it weren't for Hurricane Sandy. It doesn't look quite as extravagant as her usual numbers... October 30 2012 (WENN)
We don't know what this Halloween costume is supposed to be Heidi Klum - but we like it. It's very... it's very red. October 30 2012 (WENN)
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