By Rebecca Merriman On October 18, 2012

Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie 'Forced To Fly In Traditional British Grub For Children'

They're massive fans of cottage pie and turkey twizzlers

Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie 'Forced To Fly In Traditional British Grub For Children'
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While the French might not be known as fans of traditional English cuisine it seems only British grub will do for one family of A-listers, as the Jolie-Pitt clan are said to way prefer food this side of the channel.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's six children are said to love British food so much, the couple have splashed out £5000 on flying bakes beans and pie and mash to their French Chateau after Maddox and co. refuses to eat local produce.

The family recently relocated to the UK as both actors are filming back to back movies in the country and the children have settled in so well, they can't bear to be parted from British favourites like cottage pie.

Brad reportedly solved the problem by ordering food in from Geoffreys of London, buying enough to fill two freezers worth.

“The kids have gone off French food after living in the UK for so long,” a source told The Sun.

“Brad had a look online and found an English food company who deliver ready meals such as cottage pie, toad in the hole and apple crumble.

“The kids love Turkey Twizzlers and baked beans on toast so Brad put in a massive order. He filled two freezers.”

We doubt good friend Jamie Oliver would be happy about that, he once declared war on the Turkey Twizzler!

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