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Blake Lively and Jeremy Renner Slam Ben Affleck's Bad Directing Habits

Hollywood superstar can't stop himself miming lines

Blake Lively and Jeremy Renner Slam Ben Affleck's Bad Directing Habits
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Hollywood star-turned-director Ben Affleck may be winning plaudits for his new movie 'Argo', but the star apparently infuriates his actors with his bad habits behind the camera.

Affleck, who spent the 90s and early 2000s as a bankable heart throb in films like 'Armageddon', has now explored his talents behind the camera in movies like 'The Town' and 'Gone Baby gone'.

But apparently despite his success, he annoys his stars by miming their lines behid the camera, as two of those who acted in 'The Town', Blake Lively and Jeremy Renner revealed.

Affleck told The New York Post's Page Six: "It is a rather unfortunate tendency... I sometimes will slightly lip-move along with the lines of the actors. The first time I did that was on 'The Town'.

"During one of Jeremy Renner's close-ups, he was like, 'Can I talk to you for a second? You're mouthing my lines.' It was like, 'Ok, I'll stop doing that.' Then Blake said I did it to her... It's a problem, and I'm working on it."

Worse for Affleck, it's not a one off and hasn't improved, as Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston, who stars in 'Argo' admitted, saying: "At the end, I could see (Affleck) mouthing my lines. I went, 'You are doing the thing.'... He gets so into (it) that he mouths."

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