Rihanna Wants Bigger Boobs To Please Chris Brown?

According to sources, RiRi is considering implants to win Chris Brown back...

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We've heard a lot of crazy stories about Rihanna and Chris Brown over the last few weeks, but this one really takes the biscuit; is RiRi REALLY planning to get a boob job to win back her ex boyfriend?

Sources at the National Enquirer have claimed that Rihanna is planing to get breast implants in a bid to impress her ex(?) boyfriend Chris Brown because Brown said she’d be “totally hot” with a bigger bust.

“[Rihanna has] always been insecure about her cleavage, but Chris’s comment has spurred her to really do something about it.”

The insider, who claims to be a personal friend of the 'We Found Love' singer, continued to reveal that Rihanna is currently “shopping for a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills who will pump her up at least one bra size.”

We don't know what to make of this. We really don't.

The pair were recently reported to have hooked up in a club, with sources claiming that the duo spent a very long time in a guarded toilet - from which they both emerged looking rather "dishevelled".

And, with reports at Hollywood Life suggesting that the pair are back on, it seems as if Rihanna has ignored warnings from friends, such as Jay-Z and Oprah, and instead decided to forgive her ex for violently assaulting her three years ago.

“Right now, it’s pretty much on with Chris and Ri... I mean, they been doing their thing for months now. They on top on the world and they know that and them together – man, that’s just the business.”

Together or not, Rihanna shouldn't feel pressured to change her appearance at all. She's known as 'The Only Girl In The World' for a reason, after all.

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Chris and Rihanna together in 2007 on MTV Total Request Live before the couple went public with their romance (WENN)