'I Could Have Been Like Amy Winehouse' Says Leona Lewis

The pair both attended The Brit School of Performing Arts

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Leona Lewis graces the cover of The Sun's Fabulous magazine tomorrow (October 7th), and she talks about guns, drugs, and baring all in the interview.

She told the magazine: “I could have ended up like Amy [Winehouse]... I grew up having to be streetwise, having to know how to handle myself."

"It would have been very easy for me because of where I come from. It would probably have been very easy for me to have been like Amy, but I just wouldn't do that."

The pair both attended The Brit School and upon leaving the famous institution Leona entered the X Factor and won the competition in 2006 at the age of 21.

Leona Lewis says she could have ended up like singer Amy Winehouse (WENN)

"I'm a Hackney girl" she continues, "I can handle myself. If I was in a club and someone pulled a gun, I would stay calm because it's not out of my world."

Leona also recently revealed to The Guardian that she enjoys rapping: “I do like to rap sometimes, but that’s not on the album. When I’m in the car and there’s a song on I’ll go onto Google and look up the lyrics and rap along. I do a lot of Nicki Minaj songs,” Leona said.

She says she could deal with the threat of a gun, but how did Leona react when a bystander took a swing for her at a book signing in 2009...