Battle Of The Boybands! One Direction Slam The Wanted For 'Trash Talking'

1D don't want to criticise their rivals but...

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One Direction have released their inner bitchiness, criticising rival boyband The Wanted for talking trash about them!

1D have taken over Fabulous magazine this week and their interview with the mag reveals some pent up emotions over their chart competition The Wanted. The 'Live While We're Young' singers refused to outrightly slam their rivals, but sound disappointed that TW feel the need to criticise them behind their backs.

Liam Payne said: ''The only thing that's bad for me about them is actually they were really nice to our faces, but when it came to talking to the media they were really trashy about us.

''We'd never done anything wrong, we were just running around doing our thing. We'd never purposely talk trash about anyone and we still haven't said anything about them now."

The boys also denied the bands are in competition with each other for chart domination, but hinted that their worldwide fan base beats The Wanted's success. Liam continued: ''I don't think there's any real competition about us. They sing dance music.

''They're real lads' lads whereas we're just mischievous, which I think is different. For me, you just look at Twitter followers, which I think is a big player.''

Oh snap! To be fair 1D are absolutely trouncing the TW in Twitter followers. Currently Liam and co have 6,904,243 whilst The Wanted's total 1,290,487. 

Are you Team TW or Team 1D? (Photos: WENN)

Perhaps the catalyst for Liam's uncharacteristic outburst are recent comments from TW. In a chat with Showbiz 411, Tom Parker spoke about how the two bands will always be compared to one another. “We don’t see each other that much but there are no problems there.

“I think there’ll always be that comparison with ‘This person said this, and this person from that band…’. There was that with N*Sync and The Backstreet Boys, and we just take the banter on the chin.

"We probably would be bigger if it wasn’t for them, but it’s fine.”

Outspoken Tom also lashed out on Twitter over his disappointment that the band were snubbed for this year's MTV Europe Music Awards. The boyband received no nominations for this year's EMAs unlike One Direction, despite cracking America earlier this year.

"I think it's bulls**t that we weren't nominated for an EMA this year!!!" he tweeted. He added:

"Maybe next year x"

 What do you think? Are you Team 1D or Team TW? Or do you just love them all!

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The One Direction boys sizzle on the front cover of Fabulous magazine (Photo: PR/Fabulous)