Lindsay Lohan's Dad Blames Mum Dina For Daughter's Problems

He says it's all her fault!

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Parents. You can't live with them, you can't live without them, and whether you're enjoying fame and fortune or fearing for your life as everything goes off the rails, they're going to have an opinion on it.

Especially if you're Lindsay Lohan.

Dad Michael is well known for giving out advice and opinions whether Linds wants them or not, and his latest is helpful as ever. He shared it with gosssip site Confidenti@l, presumably thinking that was the best way to get the message to Lindsay.

"I really think Lindsay needs to get away for a while. She just needs to get away from everybody." The only person Michael approves of is Lindsay's pal Gavin Doyle. "Gavin keeps Lindsay straight. He is always there for her. He is one of the most honest and caring people around Lindsay right now. Whenever he talks to me, he is never drunk. Dina can't stand that he speaks to me is all."

Michael is typically open about his contempt for Dina, adding "if I was to write an open letter to Dina, I would say 'Your kids need a father. Your teenage son does not have a dad around. Stop using the kids.' From my lips to God's ears, [Lindsay] said that [Dina} is using them to get back at me."

It sounds like Lindsay isn't the only troubled Lohan. We hope that Michael is right about Gavin. Linds could use a sensible friend right now...

Lindsay keeps it in the family when she goes babysitting - check it out here:

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Lindsay Lohan shows her responsible side as she swaps car trouble for babysitting, September 20 (Photos: Splash news)