Avril Lavigne Wants A 'Badass' Wedding Dress

The 'Complicated' singer wants to look spectacular for Chad Kroeger wedding...

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Avril Lavigne Wants A 'Badass' Wedding Dress
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The wedding of Avril Lavigne and Nickelback singer Chad Kroeger is speeding towards us with all the inevitable force of a freight train. And now Avril has promised fans she will don a "badass" wedding gown for the special day...

Avril, pop star and apparently fashion designer, has begun talking about the "badass" wedding dress she might make herself when she marries rocker Chad.

During the presentation of the spring collection for her Abbey Dawn clothing line, she explained to reporters that she wants to make her gown herself:

"Either it's something I'm going to design, or partner up with, collaborate with another designer." 

Judging by the designs she features in her collection, Avril is not going to be wearing your traditional white meringue for her big day.

The new season for her collection, according to fashion reporters, features human skeletons, bad girl stripes, skulls, black lace, little neon rainbows, a LOT of black, pink and purple and plenty of stretchy mini dresses.

It's not exactly going to be the gorgeous Alexander McQueen number Kate Middleton donned for the Royal Wedding, but we imagine it'll certainly catch our attention.

Hopefully in a good way.

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