Elvis Presley's Bible Fetches £59k At Auction But His Underpants Fail To Sell

Singer's items make thousands at auction

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Elvis Presley's Bible Fetches £59k At Auction But His Underpants Fail To Sell
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Women would have gone mental for Elvis Presley's underpants back in his hey day but it seems the late singer doesn't have the same effect in 2012.

A pair of Elvis' unwashed pants that were up for auction at Omega Auctions failed to attract bids and were unsold over the weekend.

However, a Bible once owned by Elvis Presley was sold for a staggering £59,000 ($94,000) at the auction house in Stockport.

The book was a Christmas present given to Elvis by his Uncle Vester and Aunt Clettes in Graceland in 1957.

The unique item features handwritten notes on a few of the 1,600 pages by The King himself.

Karen Fairweather, from the auctioneers, told the BBC: "It was a really exciting atmosphere in the room, we had 300 people and there was bidding online and on the telephone across the world."

"You could hear a pin drop when it sold for that price. There were three rival bidders on the phone and once it got over £20,000 each bid was taking a while, because they each had a price in mind for the Bible and they were thinking about it," she continued.

"There was a round of applause when the hammer went down. It was incredible."

The unwashed underwear and Bible were among more than 100 lots of Elvis memorabilia up for auction over the weekend.

We wonder why the pants didn't sell...

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