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Kristen Bell To Appear As Gossip Girl In Show's Final Season?

She's open to the idea

Kristen Bell To Appear As Gossip Girl In Show's Final Season?
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She's provided the voice of the titular character since Gossip Girl began, and now Kristen Bell could actually appear on-camera as the show nears its final season.

Speaking to a fan who won the chance to question her for Pop Sugar, the actress said she is open to the idea of being seen for the first time.

Asked if there are any plans, she said: "I certainly would if they asked me. It really depends on how the characters unfold and if they want to villainise someone or give someone the champion stick of being Gossip Girl in the end other than me.

"Die hard fans know it’s me, but I think normal people who watch the show care a lot more about the characters they see every week. There’s a lot of variables."

The show, which has seen its ratings tumble in recent years, is being given one final victory lap this season with a reduced episode order.

It made celebrities out of stars Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Penn Badgley, Ed Westwick, Chase Crawford and Taylor Momsen.

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