Suri Cruise Richest Child In Hollywood? Tom Cruise Gives Her 'Sizeable Trust Fund'

Multi-millionaire set to hand over millions when Suri turns 18

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Suri Cruise Richest Child In Hollywood? Tom Cruise Gives Her 'Sizeable Trust Fund'
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Looks like Suri Cruise could be one of the richest little girls in Hollywood as her father Tom Cruise has reportedly put a “sizeable trust fund” in place for the six year-old. As part of the divorce agreement between parents Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, the little fashion star is set to collect when she hits 18 and with a $260 million fortune, we reckon the 'Top Gun' star was more than generous.

While Katie is said to have walked away from the marriage with nothing, she did secure child maintenance to raise their daughter, who she has primary custody of and the trust fund.

A source told RadarOnline: "Katie wanted the trust fund put in place for Suri so that their daughter will be able to tap into after she turns eighteen years old,"

"Katie has absolutely no access to the money and didn't want to. She just wanted to ensure that Suri would have financial security as she becomes an adult.”

With expensive taste, Suri won't be able to blow the whole lot at once and will gradually have access to the money over at least 15 years.

“It's a sizable trust fund,” the source went on, “but Suri won't be able to fully legally claim it until she is in her 30s. Tom had no problem with the request and planned on doing it for Suri anyway."

While Katie may not have got a cash settlement she will be keeping the expensive gifts that she received from her husband during their marriage.

A source explained: "Katie's handbag collection includes custom made Hermes Birkins that would make any fashionista swoon,"

"Katie has an oversize Birkin in a gorgeous shade of red. She also has several iconic Hermes Kelly handbags. Katie probably got at least ten Hermes handbags as gifts from Tom during the course of the marriage, ranging in price from 10k-50k, each!”

With Suri used to the finer things in life we reckon she will get spoilt by daddy even before she hits 18!

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