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Our Ones To Watch: Dog Is Dead

Go check them out at Reading/Leeds fest this weekend

The first thing you should know about Dig Is Dead, is that the name is a joke. They’re not into dead canines, and they are actually quite lovely lads. The second is, they’ve got a really ‘good vibes’ summer tune out at the moment, in the shape of ‘Glockenspiel’.

If you don’t quite have your finger in the indie pulse then here’s a little bit about them – Formed in Nottingham, in 2008, after they all found out they had a bit in common Dog Is Dead self-released a trilogy of singles (you can pick these up now in the shape of the 'Your Childhood EP').

They soon took their hometown of Nottingham by storm (think Robin Hood and his merry band of men in Aztec print and chino shorts). Which almost immediately resulted in a string of festival performances that then led them to the ‘hallowed’ Glastonbury.

Fast-forward to 2012 and Entertainmentwise is catching up with the guys about a few things.

We had to start off with by asking about the name, and (disappointingly) there is no scandal, or deep dark secret behind the name! The boys confess: ‘It literally means nothing. It’s a silly joke that we had.”

A joke that they’ve gone and forgot, but they continue and tell us: “At the time we needed a name for a talent show, and at the time the no.1 in joke was ‘Dog is Dead’, and we’ve regretted it ever since.”

Dog is Dead recently released ‘Glockenspiel’ in June and the track has gone down a treat this summer.

The band describe it as ‘a home-town blues anthem’, and say: “we thought we’d come back to it now, now that it’s sunny and stuff.”

If you’re a fan or just discovering the band through this, then you’ll be pleased to know you’ll be able to catch them at this weekends Reading and Leeds Festivals. But be warned if you’re looking for some rock ‘n roll hell raising antics the band have described themselves as ‘the Monday Guns n’ Roses’, stating: “If by rock n’ roll you mean eating hummus, then yeah, we’re well rock n’ roll.”

Dog Is Dead - Glockenspiel:

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