By Duncan Vicat-Brown On August 13, 2012

Jennifer Aniston's Dad Kept Engagement A Secret To Save The Surprise

John Aniston had to think fast on the phone...

Jennifer Aniston's Dad Kept Engagement A Secret To Save The Surprise

Jennifer Aniston's father apparently did know about her engagement to Justin Theroux, but played dumb to save the surprise.

The Friends stars was proposed to by screenwriter and actor Theroux, who recently wrote the screenplay for Iron Man 2, during her 41st birthday celebrations on Friday night.

Jennifer's father John Aniston, star of NBC daytime drama Days of Our Lives since 1985, initially claimed that it was news to him. When Celebuzz contacted him for a quote, he said that "It's the first I've heard about it. It's a surprise to me."

This has sparked rumours that Justin didn't ask him for permission before proposing, which is more than a little disrespectful!

However, a representative for Mr Aniston has clarified the situation, explaining that he was simply trying to keep the surprise.

The spokesperson told that "[He] thought he was being trapped on the phone so [he] played dumb to be safe."

Mr Aniston has also said that the proposal "sounds very romantic" and that Theroux is a "charming young man". He added that "I think they make a wonderful."

Justin and Jennifer, with matching outfits!

Jen and Justin co-ordinate their outfits in black suits whilst visiting Paris

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