POLL: Kristin Cavallari's Baby Name 'Camden Jack Cutler' Causes Online Debate

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A huge congratulations to The Hills star Kristin Cavallari and fiance Jay Cutler after Kristin gave birth to baby Camden Jack Cutler. However, although Twitter has seen many a 'congratulations' message to the pair, it has also seen some rather intense discussions about the baby's name.

The reality star gave birth yesterday (August 8) and was soon to take to Twitter to inform her followers of the new addition to the family, saying: "He was born this morning weighing 7lbs 9oz. Everyone is doing great!".

Kristen then added, "We are thrilled to welcome Camden Jack Cutler into the world", leading fans of the star to debate the origin of the name on the social networking site.

On the whole, Camden did receive a fairly positive reaction from the fans, however some weren't entirely sure whether Kristin has ever visited the London hotspot.

According to Babynamesworld.com, 'Camden' means "from the valleys" and is a Gaelic name, whereas the reality star was actually born in Denver, Colorado which definitely has some pretty impressive mountain ranges.

The Laguna Beach star confirmed that she was all ready to give birth to her first child back in January and fans have watched as the blonde blossomed in the months that followed, leading to the birth yesterday.

Kristin's former The Hills co-star Heidi Montag recently told US Weekly, "She is the most beautiful pregnant woman I've ever seen and I'm very proud of her.I think she's gonna be the best mother ever".

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