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Corrie Star Kym Marsh Cautioned Over Fly-Tipping

Bin bags full of scripts found dumped earlier this year

Corrie Star Kym Marsh Cautioned Over Fly-Tipping
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We’re more used to seeing actors and actresses being caught up in drug scandals, or seedy flings in hotel rooms, yet fly tipping seems quite tame compared to some of the tabloid stories we’re used to seeing when it comes to our TV stars. However Kym Marsh has accepted a caution for illegally dumping bin bags full of old scripts!

In all fairness though, Marsh didn’t dump the bags herself, she said she had paid a man £60 to clear the rubbish away after knocking on her door and offering his services.

Kym, who plays Factory boss Michele Connor in the hit soap, clearly thought that was the last of the matter until she was slapped with a prosecution by Salford City Council after discovering the dumped rubbish by the side of the road, which was traced back to the soap star.

Marsh who evidently didn’t want to cause a fuss, agreed to paying court and clean up fines. Speaking to The Sun, a Coronation Street source said:

“Kym’s relieved the prosecution has been withdrawn. She was horrified to discover her rubbish had been illegally dumped.

“Kym paid someone in good faith to remove the rubbish but realises now she should have asked to see a license”.

Lesson learnt then eh Kym!

Kym with her beau Jamie Lomas

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