By Caroline Fergusson On August 5, 2012

Octomom Auctions Herself For Cash And Is Set To Release 'Madonna Inspired' Song


Octomom Auctions Herself For Cash And Is Set To Release 'Madonna Inspired' Song

Controversial character Octomom recently begged fans to give her $150,000 as she was in financial trouble. However now she has thought of a few ways to make cash including dating men for money and releasing a ‘Madonna-inspired’ pop single. Wow.

Nadia Suleman became famous in America after she gave birth to octuplets in 2009, adding to her brood of six children.

The mother of 14 has run into money problems and is about to be kicked out of her house leading to reality star to beg fans for cash.

Now, however, TMZ has reported that she has decided to auction herself on website, where suitors can pay to date the 37-year old. She began the bidding at $500 and has so far magaged to raise only $2,509 after describing herself as an ‘attractive female’ who ‘has been celibate for 14 years’.

It has also been reported by the website that she is about to release a song with reality star and  singer Adam Bartha names ‘Sexy Party’ which features the mother singing AND rapping.

He tweeted: "So excited for our #Madonna inspired CD cover! She is a childhood idol for me too! #Octomom".

The single is set to be released on September 4th. We could not be more excited to hear that one!

Octomom as a dominatrix stripper

Octomom, July 15 2012 (Splash)

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