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By Deepika Rajani On July 30, 2012

Real Housewives Star Slams American President Barack Obama

For the comments he made about the show

Real Housewives Star Slams American President Barack Obama
Photo: WENN

America's president Barack Obama has felt the wrath of The Real Housewives of Orange County's Heather Dubrow after he made the comments that the show is not setting a good example to those who want to be successful.

Referring to the show when he told a crowd in New Orleans that success had to earn their success, Radar Online reports the President saying:

"You’re competing against young people in Beijing and Bangalore. You now they’re not hangin’ out. They’re not playin’ video games. They’re not watching Real Housewives. I’m just saying, it’s a two-way street. That wasn’t in my prepared remarks. But I’m just saying.”

Upset by Obama's comments, Heather took to her Twitter page to state that his comments were flawed:

"Barack Obama, in light of your recent comments, I’d like to point out that I am on #RHOC AND college educated AND considered a role model."

Obama is yet to reply to Heather's comments.

Reality TV's Baddest Boys, Girls And Villains

Spencer Matthews faces the axe from Made In Chelsea after allegations of drug use.
The original UK reality TV villain: 'Nasty' Nick Bateman was kicked out of the very first UK Big Brother for trying to fix nominations.
Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt found fame as a couple in The Hills. Then they went a bit crazy, and their attention seeking antics and her love of plastic surgery have made them one of the most annoying couples on TV.
Former basketball player Dennis Rodman has led an eccentric life, yet it's his bonkers appearances on UK Celebrity Big Brother and The Celebrity Apprentice 2 that qualify him here.
Frankie Cocozza announced himself to the world on The X Factor by showing off the names of girls he'd slept with tattoed on his bum. Clearly out of his depth as a singer, he was eventually thrown off the show for drug use.
Another X Factor hate figure was Katie Waissell: audiences constantly disagreed with the judges decisions to keep her and disliked her attention seeking antics.
It's fair to say that the Jersey Shore crowd could probably sneak in here, but particularly Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino. 'The Situation' had a recent stay in rehab due to drug problems.
Joining him is former cast-mate Angelina Pivarnick. Dubbed 'The Staten Island dump' by the others due to promiscuity, she was kicked off the show after violent confrontations and refusals to cooperate.
Jersey Shore's UK equivalent, Geordie Shore, has its own bad boy in Gaz Beadle, Beale had a fight with cast-mate Ricci Guarnaccio.
Gillian Mckeith became famous for poking through other people's poo on her diet show, but it was on I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here that she achieved hate-figure status, due to dubious fainting fits and tantrums.
It takes a very special kind of idiot to lie on national television about the death of a grandfather, and Survivor's Jonny Fairplay was that idiot.
The Bachelor's Courtney Robertson became one of America's most hated women due to her antics on this year's show.
Ricky Rayment has quickly gained a reputation as a bad boy on TOWIE, with fights and love conquests taking up his time on the show.
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