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Noel And Liam Gallagher To Go Head To Head At Fuji Rock Festival

Pair will appear on the same bill

Noel And Liam Gallagher To Go Head To Head At Fuji Rock Festival
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After Liam Gallagher's recent dig at brother Noel we're sure that the singer will not be too impressed to bump into the Beady Eye frontman at this weekend's Fuji Rock's festival.

The pair, who have a notorious rocky relationship following Oasis' split in 2009, will both play the Fuji Rock festival in Japan this weekend but their sets are on different days.

When asked if they could ever be on a live bill together, Noel told The Sun: “I don’t think either camp would allow it.

“What happens if we’re on the same bill? People start asking if we’re reforming, that’s what. Or they’ll ask if we’re going to get on stage together and sing Digsy’s f***ing Dinner.

“I don’t need that and I doubt he does either. I’d rather avoid it all together, thank you.”

Earlier this week, Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds announced that they would be hitting the road with Snow Patrol.

Clearly not impressed with the news, Liam tweeted fans: "Snore patrol Noel Gallaghers high flying smurfs who said rock n roll is dead LG.

"It looks like things could get ugly between the Gallagher brothers yet again."

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - 'If I Had A Gun':

Noel Gallagher Live

Noel Gallagher live

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