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By Shaun Kitchener On July 22, 2012

Downton Abbey's Shirley MacLaine: 'Maggie Smith And I Were Lovers In Another Life'

She joins the show for third season

Downton Abbey's Shirley MacLaine: 'Maggie Smith And I Were Lovers In Another Life'
Photo: WENN

New Downton Abbey star Shirley MacLaine has joked that she and co-star Dame Maggie Smith were "lovers in another life".

The legendary actress, who joins the show for its third season, was talking at a press conference to promote the upcoming episodes. They will screen in the UK in October, before arriving in the US in January.

"I had a fabulous time and I shall never forget it," MacClaine said of her time on set.

Asked if she had ever met Smith before, she quipped: "Well, we were lovers in another life."

She added that the pair had met years ago behind the scenes of the Oscars, where MacLaine had been nominated but lost. She recalled Smith reminding her on the set of Downton that, upset at not winning, she had found a big cake and begun eating it with her hands, saying: "F**k it, I don't care if I'm ever thin again."

The show earned a heap of Emmy nominations this week, continuing its monumental success abroad.

High Bonneville said: "We're gobsmacked. To have the show embraced so wholeheartedly from America is a great thrill for all of us."

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