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By Joanna Crawley On July 17, 2012

Leonardo DiCaprio Chomps Down Steak In Front Of Vegan BFF Tobey Maguire

Great Gatsby co-stars enjoyed two very different dinners!

Leonardo DiCaprio Chomps Down Steak In Front Of Vegan BFF Tobey Maguire
Photo: WENN

When a man's got to eat, a man't got to eat- that seems to be the rule Leonardo DiCaprio was sticking to when he dined out with co-star Tobey Maguire last weekend, ignoring his friend's strict vegan habits to chomp on a juicy steak!

Joined by five pals, Leo and Tobey Maguire enjoyed a hearty dinner on Saturday night in Las Vegas. According to People, the actors stopped by Cut inside the Palazzo hotel for dinner where Tobey 'enjoyed' corn salad, tomato salad and butter lettuce. Leo on the other hand tucked into a manly steak. 

Tobey seemed to be on a health streak, sticking to water whilst Leo chose a decadant Raspberry Velvet cocktail made with Grey Goose, yum!

It looks like the two haven't got bored of spending time together on 'The Great Gatsby' set. Leo and Tobey, who have been friends for years, both star in Baz Luhrmann's epic new movie, hitting cinemas at Christmas.

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