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By Mark Worgan On July 16, 2012

Fans Go Wild For 'The Hobbit' Footage At Comic-Con

It seems Peter Jackson has assuaged any doubts and is set for a blockbuster.

Fans Go Wild For 'The Hobbit' Footage At Comic-Con

Peter Jackson must have been nervous ahead of screening 12 minutes of his latest return to the blockbuster  'Lord Of The Rings' franchise, firstly because to return to of the most succesful film franchises ever would be a daunting task for any one, and second of all, because the last time he screened footage reviews were mixed.

Yet all that seems to be behind him now, as fans reportedly went wild for the screening of 'The Hobbit' at Comic-Con.

James White of Empire magazine described the fans as hysterical with joy, saying: "All in all it was something of a triumph for Jackson and his crew, with screaming from the crowd throughout and Justin Bieber levels of hysteria ...."

Jackson decided to screen the excerpt in 2D at 24 frames per second after complaints that his 3D 48 frames per second version (his preferred format) was too realistic, leaving the sets looking like sets.

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Peter Jackson's Lord Of The Rings

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