David Letterman 'Dark Knight Rises' Spoiler Enrages Fans

Was it genuine?

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David Letterman 'Dark Knight Rises' Spoiler Enrages Fans
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David Letterman has come under fire after he allegedly spoiled the ending of the highly-anticipated movie 'The Dark Knight Rises' during his recent interview with Anne Hathaway.

The veteran host has been receiving some serious online abuse after he allegedly revealed an important twist in the plot for the final movie of the Christopher Nolan's trilogy on The Late Show.

Anne, who plays Catwoman/Selina Kyle in the new movie, seemed shocked when she scolds, "Dave! The wrath you have just invited on to yourself...", before appealing to the film's director through a camera.

"Chris, I had no part in it, I'm sorry," she said. It is not yet clear if the alleged spoiler was a genuine slip but alot of Batman fans, awaiting its release next week are far from impressed.

One fan tweeted: "Did Letterman just f***ing spoil the end of The Dark Knight Rises?"

While another added: "I think Letterman just ruined Dark Knight Rises for me #prick".

Another Twitter user wrote: "David letterman you idiot douchebag can't believe he just ruined The Dark Knight Rises for everyone."

'The Dark Knight Rises' is set for release in the UK on July 20.

So we'll have to see if the spoiler was genuine. In the meantime, if you want to watch David Letterman drop the hint - take a look.

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