Miley Cyrus Spotted At Marijuana Dispensary In Hollywood

Star grinning as her friend picked up a mystery package

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Miley Cyrus Spotted At Marijuana Dispensary In Hollywood
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Self-confessed ‘Stoner’ Miley Cyrus was spotted outside of a marijuana dispensary in Hollywood on Saturday (June 23) in yet another controversial move from the star.

From her startling weight loss, engagement and habit of flashing the flesh Miley just can't seem to avoid the headlines and we can't help but think she enjoys it just a teeny bit as the newly engaged star pulls yet another stunt.

The Disney actress waited outside the centre for her friend, which gives out the banned substance for medical purposes, who emerged grinning with a brown paper bag according to HollywoodLife.

The 19 year-old didn’t care who saw her either as she sat in her convertible grinning away. While we don’t know if Miley, a self-proclaimed ‘stoner’ shared her friend’s haul she has admitted in the past to “smoking way too much weed”.

She caused shock last November when she openly joked about being a “stoner” at her birthday party where she was presented with a Bob Marley cake.

According to The Daily she said: “You know you’re a stoner when friends make you a Bob Marley cake.”

“You know you smoke way too much f—ing weed!”

Her attention seeking antics can't distract from her failing career though. The star was recently replaced by Selena Gomez in a movie role and her last film ‘Lol’ was a massive flop.

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