Justin Bieber Fan 'Amanda Bieber' Highlights Dark Side Of Twitter: 'I Wanna F**king Kill Selena Gomez'

Trolling fans get too extreme online

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Justin Bieber Fan 'Amanda Bieber' Highlights Dark Side Of Twitter: 'I Wanna F**king Kill Selena Gomez'
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We're all fans of someone or something. Be it a band, a singer, an actor, a comedian... sometimes it's just that we quite like a few things they do, sometimes we like them enough to come to their defense if someone starts slating them down the pub, and sometimes we'll even be ready to call up for gig tickets the split second they go on sale.

But, with the Twitter age sucking in more and more younger fans of teen idols, a much darker side to fandom is beginning to appear.

Caroline Flack received death threats from One Direction fans when she dated Harry Styles. A small pocket of The Only Way Is Essex viewers backed Maria Fowler over her row with Marcus Collins despite his claims that she made homophobic AND racist remarks (for which she later apologised). Rebecca Ferguson was blasted by jealous teens for dating Zayn Malik because she was only five-ish years older than him.

Justin Bieber is another huge magnet for fans who blur the line between support and over-possessive trolling.

We have found one Belieber on Twitter, by the name of "Amanda Bieber", who has amassed a ludicrous 10,000 followers but whose profile is a stream of worryingly sexual and racist tweets.

Spouting venom at Bieber's sweetheart Selena Gomez, she writes: "Selena is using Justin for fame, it's so obvious. I wanna f**king kill that illegal immigrant. I would be a better girlfriend.

"I would help Justin write music. Make him smile. Have sex with him when he's horny. Solve his problems. Love him. I'm better than Selena..."

This fan is, from what we can gather, THIRTEEN years old.

"Would you let me sit on your d**k? @JustinBieber".

The list is endless.

Justin Bieber has an astronomical 23 million followers on the social networking site, and it's only a small pocket who are displaying this kind of behaviour. Many are disgusted by vicious comments and say the trolls give fanbases a bad reputation. And besides, Twitter is a great way for fans to interact with their idols and, if they're lucky, for their idols to interact with them. But he's not the only teen idol who has the odd few fans like the ones we have discovered.

What should be done about the growing army of young 'trolls'? Should they be punished? How can they be discouraged from posting offensive messages online if they clearly don't understand the problem with them?

Or is it just that they are they too young for Twitter? Should stronger measures be taken to stop them from joining?

Leave your comments below.

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