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Cheryl Cole Defends Dire Jubilee Performance: 'It Was A Dream'

Maybe she saw something we didn't...

Cheryl Cole Defends Dire Jubilee Performance: 'It Was A Dream'

Cheryl Cole has defended her terrible performance at the Diamond Jubilee concert last weekend on Twitter and even tweeted a picture of herself with Queen Elizabeth, saying “This image will live with me forever.”

She went on to say “I could never have dreamed of this moment..” before adding two hashtags: #GodSaveOurQueen and #Honoured.

However, many of her fans are hoping that the image of Cheryl’s nightmare Jubilee performance won’t live with them forever.

Many of them took to Twitter to complain about her disastrous duet with Gary Barlow, when she sang Lady Antebellum’s not-very-British song 'Need You Now'.

One said that “After watching The Queen's Jubilee, I've come to the conclusion that Cheryl Cole couldn't carry a tune if it had a bloody handle.”

Others were even less kind, like this one: 'We all heard a strange noise. We all ran to the window to look out. Simultaneously. Turns out it was Cheryl Cole. Oh dear.'

Still, at least she was enjoying herself!


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