By Rebecca Merriman On May 25, 2012

Usher: 'I've Lived Out My Sexual Fantasies, Justin Bieber Isn't As Experimental With Women'

Star claims protegee is a one woman man

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Usher: 'I've Lived Out My Sexual Fantasies, Justin Bieber Isn't As Experimental With Women'
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Usher had admitted that his protégée Justin Bieber is better in a relationship than he is because the rapper is “too experimental” when it comes to his love life.

The star is currently locked in a bitter custody battle with ex-wife Tameka Foster who alleged that her husband cheated on her with one of her bridesmaids.

Talking candidly about his private life, the star admitted that he lived out his sexual fantasies and bedded “many women”.

“I've had many women. And I understand how to deal with a lot of different ones?” he told Q Magazine.

“But it is complicated when your reality is a fantasy. Fame is the modern double-edged sword."

But Usher praised the 18 year-old, who is dating the gorgeous Selena Gomez for sticking to one woman.

"Well, check it out, it the area of relationships, he's actually done a lot better than I did," he explained, “I was a little bit more?” experimental."

The star went on to reveal that while most pop stars would play the field, teen idol Justin only has eyes for one lady.

"He doesn't have as many issues. He knows what he wants. What were my issues? Well maybe not locking into one relationship," Usher explained.

The 33 year-old admitted that there are some plus points to “experimenting” with the ladies.

“I've learned what women like,” he claimed.

“Confidence. And I've learned there is a softness that only a woman can possess. And you begin to see it when they have something, like a child, to love."

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