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Cat Deeley To Present The Voice Style Celebrity Dating Show

New show The Choice will feature talent show's blind auditions

Cat Deeley To Present The Voice Style Celebrity Dating Show
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Cat Deeley is to host a new celebrity dating show, with elements of hit talent show The Voice this summer on the Fox Network.

The new programme, imaginatively called The Choice was revealed with a trailer during American Idol on May 2nd, and incorporates The Voice's "blind auditions" format with speed dating.

In a similar style to The Voice coaches, four celebrity bachelors will sit in rotating chairs for the first round of the show as potential dates try and convince them to turn round. Impressing one will mean that he'll pull his"love handle" and swivel the chair for a look at his prospective partner.

One episode of the show's initial six episode run will feature female celebrities. Just as in The Voice, if more than one man spins around, the contestant gets a choice of who to pick. The rest of the competition will be based around speed-dating, as Deeley challenges three potential love-matches per celebrity to win their affections.

According to Digital Spy, Fox's president of alternative entertainment Mike Darnell put out a statement saying: "We wanted to put a new spin on the dating game show that gives celebrities 'the choice' of a lifetime and the chance to prove you really shouldn't judge a book by its cover."

One can't help but feel it's a little uninspired of the network to replicate the format, perhaps we'll see The Apprentice renamed The Invoice and Donald Trump given a swivel chair and a Trumping button.

However it may well be the case that any doubts about the new show disappear when we see the contestants start to agonise over who to tug on their love-handles for.

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