By Becca Longmire On April 26, 2012

Rihanna Wanted James Franco To Play Her BF In 'We Found Love' Vid

So why on earth did the star turn down such a role??

Rihanna Wanted James Franco To Play Her BF In 'We Found Love' Vid

Actor James Franco has revealed that Rihanna wanted him in star in her recent ‘We Found Love’ video.

The Bajan beauty wanted James to play her on-screen boyfriend, which begs the question...why on earth would you turn down such an amazing offer?!

Franco told MTV News: "She actually asked me to be in that video, the one with the relationship that gets crazy.”

"I couldn't do it. But, I guess, I hope that that means there's mutual love between us."

However, the role was then filled by someone equally as beautiful – model Dudley O’Shaughnessy, who played Rihanna’s self-destructive boyfriend.

Oh well...some other time maybe, James!

Meanwhile, Rihanna has opted for a whole new look in the new tour edition clip for her 'Princess of China' collaboration with Coldplay. Though the official music video has not been released, this arty clip which debuted today is the official tour edition video. Check out the vid here.

Rihanna looks pretty in pink at Time 100 Gala...

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