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By Claire Rutter On April 20, 2012

Jessie J Reveals Simon Cowell Crush Amid Gay Rumours

He's her man of the moment...

Jessie J Reveals Simon Cowell Crush Amid Gay Rumours
Photo: Wenn

It's been a rough week for Jessie J and Simon Cowell, what with both of the stars being 'outed' in the press as being gay, but now the 'Price Tag' singer has poked fun at the situation and has named the music mogul as her 'celebrity crush'.

The 24-year-old was messaging fans earlier today as part of #AskJessieJ where fans took to Twitter to ask the singer about everything from what she eats, to what she does in her spare time to what she misses when she's out of the UK - Teriyaki salmon, theme parks and her bed for those that are interested.

When asked who is her current celebrity crush, Jessie, who is in LA tweeted: "Simon Cowell".

While there wasn't an LOL or smiley face following her tweet, we have to assume one of that she's taking the mick for several reasons. Firstly, her talent show The Voice is trouncing Simon's show Britain's Got Talent in the ratings and secondly, the pair have been at the centre of a media frenzy in the UK.

Both stars have been written about in the UK, in unauthorised biographies with one author claiming that Jessie J is '100% lesbian' and that she's been forced to say she's bisexual to appeal to a wider audience. And Simon Cowell has insisted that he's not gay, and if he was - why would he deny it?

Jessie J's Greatest Moments: From 'Who You Are' To The Voice...

TOP OF THE CHARTS: Jessie's debut release Do It Like A Dude reached number two in the UK - but second single went one better, topping the charts in February 2011. Photo credit: WENN
PLATIMUN ALBUM SUCCESS: Released at the end of February 2011, Jessie's album sold 105,000 copies in its first week and has since gone triple platinum in the UK.
BRIT AWARD WINNER: At the 2011 BRIT Awards, with only two singles under her belt, Jessie picked up the coveted Critic's Choice award, cementing her place as the next big thing. Photo credit: WENN
STILL STANDING: In June 2011, Jessie broke her foot rehearsing, leaving her in a cast for most of the summer - but that didn't slow her down, and she fulfilled most of her tour dates whilst on some very glam crutches. Photo credit: WENN
GLASTONBURY: At Glastonbury last year Jessie gave a star-making performance on the Other Stage, spending most of her set on a gold throne to keep off her broken foot. Photo credit: WENN
US SUCCESS: Jessie has been a hit on the other Atlantic - Price Tag and Domino have both been big hits in the States, and she performed at the MTV Video Music Awards. She was even invited to the Grammys earlier this year. Photo credit: WENN
SUCH A DIVA: Jessie gave a stunning performance at the prestigious VH1 Divas concert, holding her own against the likes of Jennifer Hudson, Mary J Blige and Kelly Clarkson. Photo credit: WENN
BACK AT THE BRITS: After an incredible 2011, Jessie was nominated for 3 BRIT Awards in 2012. She didn't win - but you can bet she'll be back next year. Photo credit: WENN
ROLE MODEL: Jessie's also proven to be a great role model for young girls - she overcame health problems as a teen to get to where she is, and hasn't relied on wearing next to nothing for attention. She even won an award from Capital FM for being the best role model in pop! Photo credit: WENN
STYLE ICON: We couldn't pick out just one outfit - Jessie's got such unique style that she's almost as well known for her clothes as she is for her music. Photo credit: WENN
TV STAR: In early 2012 Jessie was picked as one of the judges for the UK version of hit US show The Voice, alongside, Tom Jones and Danny O'Donoghue. The show's proved to be a massive success, demolishing Britian's Got Talent in the ratings. Photo credit: BBC
THE GIRL BEHIND THE SCENES: Before we knew her as Jessie J, BRIT School graduate Jessica Cornish was already in the music industry, penning tracks for Chris Brown and Miley Cyrus. She most notably writing the latter's monster hit Party In The USA. Photo credit: WENN
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