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Jessie J Reveals Simon Cowell Crush Amid Gay Rumours

He's her man of the moment...

Jessie J Reveals Simon Cowell Crush Amid Gay Rumours
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It's been a rough week for Jessie J and Simon Cowell, what with both of the stars being 'outed' in the press as being gay, but now the 'Price Tag' singer has poked fun at the situation and has named the music mogul as her 'celebrity crush'.

The 24-year-old was messaging fans earlier today as part of #AskJessieJ where fans took to Twitter to ask the singer about everything from what she eats, to what she does in her spare time to what she misses when she's out of the UK - Teriyaki salmon, theme parks and her bed for those that are interested.

When asked who is her current celebrity crush, Jessie, who is in LA tweeted: "Simon Cowell".

While there wasn't an LOL or smiley face following her tweet, we have to assume one of that she's taking the mick for several reasons. Firstly, her talent show The Voice is trouncing Simon's show Britain's Got Talent in the ratings and secondly, the pair have been at the centre of a media frenzy in the UK.

Both stars have been written about in the UK, in unauthorised biographies with one author claiming that Jessie J is '100% lesbian' and that she's been forced to say she's bisexual to appeal to a wider audience. And Simon Cowell has insisted that he's not gay, and if he was - why would he deny it?

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