By Claire Rutter On April 20, 2012

Victoria Beckham Uses Twitter To Snag New Customers And Show The 'Real' Her

It's a marketing strategy...

Victoria Beckham Uses Twitter To Snag New Customers And Show The 'Real' Her
Photo: Wenn

Victoria Beckham loves using Twitter so that her fans can see the "real" her.

The former Spice Girl often tweets about her family and working life, with pictures from her day and Victoria thinks its good for her customers.

In a chat with Women's Wear Daily, the mother-of-four said: "I think that my fans and customers really get to know me and my sense of humour through my tweets. I think people see the real me."

Victoria, like her husband David, also loves using Facebook to help give her fans access to her, but it's all about the money at the end of the day.

Talking about the reason for using social networking, Victoria described the marketing strategy that "exclusive photos, video and behind-the-scenes content" from her official accounts.

"Through both Twitter and Facebook I'm looking to provide a sneak peek at the world of the Victoria Beckham brand with a global reach," she said.

So if Victoria didn't have anything to flog, our guess is - she wouldn't be tweeting!

Victoria goes super glam...

Victoria Beckham poses for Harper's Bazaar

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