Ricky Gervais' Show 'Derek' Is 'Vile, Cynical And Dishonest'

Says father of an autistic son

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Ricky Gervais' Show 'Derek' Is 'Vile, Cynical And Dishonest'
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There's no doubt that Ricky Gervais likes to push boundaries, however it appears as though his latest TV offering might have pushed the boundaries a little too far, after a father of an autistic son slammed the comedian's new show, Derek as "vile, cynical and dishonest."

The show, which was shown on Channel 4 last week was billed as a show about a "simple, vulnerable man working in an old people's home". Believing that Ricky's portrayal of Derek mocked those with mental disabilities, Christopher Stevens, who has a 15 year-old autistic son slammed the comedian.

In article for the Mail Online, Mr Stevens said: "Derek, Gervais’s new ‘comedy-drama’, which aired on Channel 4 last Thursday night was the most vile, cynical, dishonest piece of television I’ve ever seen.

"Disablism. Handicaphobia. Smuggery. The English language has no good word for the prejudice that is comedian Ricky Gervais’s stock-in-trade. It goes deeper than sneering, and it’s more dangerous than plain bullying. It’s akin to racism, or homophobia, but it isn’t either of those. There’s no word for it. So he gets away with it."

He added: "Gervais mocks the easiest of targets, people with mental disabilities, those without the intellectual capacity to defend themselves. Gervais even has a favourite word for them: mongs."

Comparing Ricky's performance to that of a "school bully", Mr Steven's continued:

"His performance in Derek was that of a schoolboy bully, showing off to his friends by pretending to be a ‘spazz’, combing his hair forward and sticking his lower jaw out. He broke character every few minutes to leer at the camera, as if to say: ‘Look at me! I’m so funny!’

"That is Ricky Gervais’s true level. His comedy seeks to mock and injure the most vulnerable in society. "

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