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Kim Kardashian's Clothing Store Targeted By Anti-Fur Protestors

Animal rights activits campaign outside Dash...

Kim Kardashian's Clothing Store Targeted By Anti-Fur Protestors
Photo: Wenn

Kim Kardashian was targeted by a PETA activist a few weeks ago on the red carpet and, now, it seems as if animal rights protestors have targeted her clothing store, Dash.

Kim Kardashian isn't having the luckiest 2012, is she?

A throng of angry protesters have set up camp outside the Kardashian clothing store, Dash, in Calabasas. And they're definitely very unhappy with Kimmy K...

Clutching placards emblazoned with photos of the reality star wearing fur items, as well as a slogan for Last Chance for Animals, it's very clear that these guys aren't happy with Kim's obsession with furry fashion.

The star has been receiving Twitter messages slamming her fondness for fur:


Kim, for her part, was quick to retweet the message and add her response:

"We don't sell fur at Dash."

Oh dear. We wonder what will happen next in this debate?

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