PHOTOS: Selena Gomez Spotted Smoking And Drinking Outside Liquor Store

Star was joined by Vanessa Hudgens

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Could Selena Gomez be following in the footsteps of troubled star Lindsay Lohan after she was spotted smoking and drinking outside a liquor store in Florida?

Well, no because thankfully, the sighting of Selena indulging in some very naughty habits was all for her new film, 'Springbreakers'. The teen, who is currently dating Justin Bieber, has been busy filming scenes for the movie with co-stars Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson.

Isn't Selena feeling a bit chilly?

In the images, Selena can be seen wandering around in a tiny bikini, whilst Vanessa can be seen taking a swig of whiskey and sitting and taking a puff from her cigarette.

Despite Selena looking like she's having fun, the star recently revealed to her fans on Twitter that she was finding it difficult to relax.

She tweeted: "Got bad anxiety after shooting. “I need to relax.”

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