By David Renshaw On February 16, 2012

Tulisa Can't Keep Up With The Saturdays During LA Night Out

Flo Rida was there too!

Tulisa Can't Keep Up With The Saturdays During LA Night Out
Photo: Twitter/ Yfrog

There was something of a UK pop summit in Los Angeles last night as The Saturdays met up with Tulisa over dinner.

The girls were joined by chart-topping rapper Flo Rida for the meal, which all of the stars kept us updated with via Twitter. Mainly, it seems, The Saturdays were being a bad influence on Tulisa as she couldn't keep up with the 'All Fired Up' girls.

"P*ss off u bad bad bad influence..I am NOT goin in 2nit!2moz is the night,day off after,b ready...ima show u how its done." Tulisa Tweeted to Vanessa White of The Saturdays.

Later adding, "I know where this is goin...some1 terminate this relationship b4 it gets dangerous."

Vanessa disputed this, saying Tulisa can more than hold her own, "hahahhaa dont lie like u didnt just BACK that wine!"

The girls posted this picture of the night:

Before another of Tulisa suggested she might have a point re: The Saturdays going harder than she can handle.

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