By Deepika Rajani On February 16, 2012

Kate Middleton Gives Prince William Underwear For Valentine's Day

And they say romance is dead

Kate Middleton Gives Prince William Underwear For Valentine's Day
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Despite spending the day thousands of miles apart, Kate Middleton made sure Prince William got his Valentine's Day gift from her.

Having received a bunch of flowers and a card from her Royal beau, reports have now revealed that the Duchess of Cambridge reciprocated by sending him a gift...

Being royalty and all, we would expect Kate to get Wills something flashy, however, The Sun reports that the real life princess just bought him a pair of Ralph Lauren boxer shorts!

It is thought that Kate purchased the £25 boxer shorts from The John Lewis store, Peter Jones, in Chelsea.

Speaking of Kate's purchase, a staff member said: "The shorts are very popular and very trendy.

"Kate knew what she wanted when she came in and went for the boxed trunks that give a very nice fit. She is in here a lot buying clothes and stuff for their homes. It's nice to know we can be of such use."

And they say romance is dead! Pah!

Kate Middleton Gets Chocolates And Flowers On Valentine's Day

Kate Middleton

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