David Beckham Calls Joey Barton A 'Madman' After Twitter Rant

Footballer accuses Beckham of using sweatshops...

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David Beckham recently admitted that he only has a few friends, three to be exact, and we don't even know who they are - but, Joey Barton is unlikely to be one of them because he's accused David of using a "sweat shop" to make his new underwear range.

The Queens Park Rangers footballer, who rowed with The Only Way Is Essex cast before Christmas, has accused 'Brand Beckham' of doing anything to cash in.

But David didn't take this one lying down, as the UNICEF ambassador claimed the rants on Twitter were those of a "madman".

After seeing David Beckham's Super Bowl advert, the 28-year-old tweeted: "Not a****d if they’re Beckham’s or not. 9.99 pounds for a pair of gruds for H and M (sic) is an outrage."

The midfielder also added: "Do one, Becks. They cost about 1p to make in a sweat shop in the Third World, Is there no limit to what ‘Brand Beckham’ will endorse for a pound note?"

Now a spokesperson for the LA Galaxy star told the Daily Star that David's range was being made "under the strictest ethical guidelines."

They also added that anyone who was accusing David of using child labour was a "madman".

Although H&M have declined to reveal which factory in China was making David's new line, the chain did state that the workers were being paid "at least the statutory minimum wage."

David Beckham And THOSE Pants...

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