Stalker Breaks Into Kate Bush's Home

He intended to propose with a £3000 ring...

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Stalker Breaks Into Kate Bush's Home
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Poor Kate Bush. She's spent the majority of her life living as a recluse and yet she still has to suffer the indignity of an obsessed fan breaking into her home.

But at least he broke in with good intentions; Frank Tufaro was in possession of a £3,000 diamond, sapphire and gold ring bought at Tiffany’s when he arrived at the countryside home of the 'Wuthering Heights' singer. He intended to get down on one knee and make an honest woman out of Kate.

Luckily for the singer, she wasn't home, having been nominated for a Brit Award this week. When Tufaro realised she was absent, he broke a window and let himself in for a look around.

"I feel so connected to her. I feel so much love for her and I want to protect her" he said, by way of an explanation for his actions.

Tufaro was detained under the Mental Health Act before being deported by four UK Border Agency officials who accompanied him to New York and handed him over to the FBI.

The 32 year old has been obsessed with Miss Bush since he was a teenager and, whilst he may not have intended her any harm, it's highly-doubtful that she will be reciprocating his advances any time soon...


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