Celebrity Big Brother's Nicola McLean: 'Georgia Salpa Brings Nothing'

Pair have awkward chat

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Celebrity Big Brother's Nicola McLean: 'Georgia Salpa Brings Nothing'
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Celebrity Big Brother's Nicola McLean has stood by her negative remarks on fellow model Georgia Salpa, after the pair's opinions of each-other came to light in the latest shopping task.

Nicola's comments about Georgia and Georgia's about Nicola were revealed to the group as part of a Fairy Tale challenge that saw Michael Masden and Natasha Giggs matching different comments with the housemates who said them.

Speaking in the Diary Room, Nicola said: "I'm happy to say to anyone what I say. Georgia brings nothing to the house.

"I felt really upset. I've really tried to make an effort to talk to her but now I don't feel very pleasant towards her."

She continued: "I've made effort and she hasn't, so she's made a judgement on me without... she doesn't care to try and have a common ground at all, which is sad.

"On numerous occasions you try with her and you don't get anything back, and it just becomes awkward."

After deciding to talk through her issues with her, she then joked: "Maybe I'll just put crisps in her bed."

Tonight's episode also saw Karissa Shannon and Denise Welch consume cow urine.

Housemates enter the house

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