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By Alex Winehouse On December 28, 2011

Daniel Craig: 'I Love Playing James Bond'

As shooting on 'Skyfall' continues...

Daniel Craig: 'I Love Playing James Bond'

Daniel Craig has said that he "loves' playing secret agent James Bond.

The 'Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' star is currently shooting 'Skyfall', his third 007 adventure.

When asked if he ever compares Bond to other roles he plays, Craig told The Guardian: "I'm genuinely not aware of it. I probably was when 'Casino Royale' came out; I'm sure there was a point when I thought 'F**king hell! What now?' But I don't think, 'This will look good next to that...'

"If that's what you do, you're inhibiting yourself against instinct, which is just... wrong."

He added: "Whether I'd want to is another matter. I think it would smack slightly of, you know, 'Oh, he's only doing that to get away from Bond'. I've got no desire to escape the role. I love playing Bond - it's fantastic."

Craig has reportedly been offered a deal to star in five more 'Bond' films.

'Skyfall' is due for release on October 26, 2012.

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