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By Deepika Rajani On November 21, 2011

Axed X Factor USA's Stacy Francis Slams Astro's 'Obnoxious Attitude' During Results Show

The hopeful says Astro should be grateful...

Axed X Factor USA's Stacy Francis Slams Astro's 'Obnoxious Attitude' During Results Show
Photo: Splash News

Axed X Factor USA contestant Stacy Francis has slammed hopeful Astro for his "obnoxious behaviour" after he initially refused to sing in the sing-off during Thursday's live results show.

Speaking about her elimination, the star, who found herself getting voted out despite Astro's tantrum, told The Hollywood Reporter: "I think elimination is elimination. It would've been hard either way.

"The thing you get disappointed about when you see someone like Astro have such an obnoxious attitude is that he gets to stay. That's kind of a hard pill to swallow, because he doesn't seem grateful to be here."

The hopeful, who was being mentored by former Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger, added: "I don't understand his behaviour. I mean, he's 14, and you can call him a teenager and give him an excuse, but bad behaviour is bad behaviour. I think that he wasn't gracious in that moment. And I think in the whole scheme of things, no matter what you have to be grateful."

What do you think? Should Astro have been eliminated or was it Stacy's time to leave the show?

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