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By Claire Rutter On November 2, 2011

Black Eyed Peas Break Due To Fergie Wanting Baby

Fergie and Josh Duhamel will start a family...

Black Eyed Peas Break Due To Fergie Wanting Baby
Photo: WENN

The Black Eyed Peas shocked their fans when they announced that they were set to take a break, which some interpreted to mean that it would be an indefinite one. But now, it has been revealed that Fergie wants to have a baby with husband Josh Duhamel.

The group's rapper, Taboo, has claimed that the decision was pushed for by Fergie and they all agreed on it, out of "respect" for the only girl in the group.

Ahead of their farewell concert, which will be held on November 23 at the Sun Life Stadium in Miami, Taboo told New Times: "The Black Eyed Peas taking a little break is something that we respect and we all agreed upon."

"We have to respect Ferg. Ferg is our sister. She definitely wants to have a family, and we're happy for her."

Fergie has been married to actor Josh Duhamel for nearly three years, and she has asked for time to have space for herself and her family.

Trying to avoid a downturn in their marriage, Taboo explained that the Black Eyed Peas break was so that Fergie didn't "neglect" her married life.

"Once you start putting orders and cock-blocking certain situations, things start going sour," he explained. "You can't neglect. You can't not respect people's wishes. As our sister, we have to give her space."

Fergie isn't pregnant yet, but it wouldn't be surprising if the star doesn't make an announcement in the near future.

"When that time comes, I'll get to that point. Right now, she's still. I don't know if they're working on that yet," Taboo continued. "She's focusing on getting through this year, finishing up strong with the Peas. When that time comes -- it doesn't just happen like 'Oh, I'm pregnant tomorrow,' it's gotta be planned out. And I think she and Josh deserve it. They're such a great couple."

Will you miss the Black Eyed Peas?

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