By Shaun Kitchener On September 30, 2011

Rihanna Denies Calling Belfast 'A Slum' In Delayed Gig

Twitter rumours were rife...

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Rihanna Denies Calling Belfast 'A Slum' In Delayed Gig

Rihanna has refuted claims she was booed and called Belfast "a slum" after she hit the stage nearly two hours later than advertised last night.

The 'We Found Love' star, who has had an eventful week on the set of her new video, apologised to fans on Twitter for her late arrival.

"BELFAST sorry for being so late 2nt!BIG SHOW!FIRST NIGHT!Things dont always run smoothly or as planned,but I dearly appreciate ur patience (sic)" she said.

Rumours began circulating on the site that the star was drunk and recieved boos from the crowd when she eventually took to the stage, with #RihannaSaid becoming a trending topic.

Users also claimed she labelled the city "a slum" at one point during the show.

In response, the star retweeted one fan's post, reading: "OK so @Rihanna was NOT drunk.Did NOT get boo'd.Did NOT call Belfast a slum I was there b*****s."

She added: "Lol, ppl gon talk".

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