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By Deepika Rajani On August 31, 2011

Cheryl Cole Moans On Twitter

At a girl!...

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Cheryl Cole Moans On Twitter
Photo: Splash News

It looks as though Cheryl Cole has well and truly been bitten by the Twitter bug! Having set up an account months ago, the star only posted her first tweet yesterday and it seems as though theres no stopping her now!

Tweeting yesterday that she "couldn't believe" she was on the social networking site, the star has now tweeted about early mornings, coffee and the lack of emoticons...

Yep, Cheryl has moaned about the fact that she can't use the yellow emoticons on the site. No we're not kidding.

The star tweeted five hours ago: "Btw I'm gutted I can't use my little yellow men faces on here.. They help me express what I'm saying..."

Trying her best to make do with what she's got, she then tweeted: "I'd put the rolling eyes one here.. But he looks like this 8-|".

Ooh-kay...Cheryl, step away from the 140 characters...

Cheryl's a blonde bombshell!...



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