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By Deepika Rajani On July 25, 2011

TOWIE's Joey Essex Split With Sam Faiers Was 'Out Of The Blue'

The star has revealed that he had no idea Sam was going to end their relationship...

TOWIE's Joey Essex Split With Sam Faiers Was 'Out Of The Blue'
Photo: Splash News

It's been a bad couple of weeks for The Only Way Is Essex lot, not only did Amy Childs break up with the man she thought was "the one", but matching nose jobs couldn't even save  Lauren Pope and Kirk Norcross's relationships and now Sam Faiers and Joey Essex have decided to go their separate ways.

However, it appears as though the decision to end their relationship wasn't exactly mutual after Joey explained to Now magazine that Sam's decision to walk out on their relationship was "out of the blue."

The reality star revealed: "It just feels a bit random as it wasn’t like we were going through a bad patch. It was just like, bang, out of the blue.”

And to add insult to injury, Sam ended their relationship over the phone!

Joey added: “She did it randomly when she was in Manchester. I’d slept round her house the night before and everything was normal. She gave me a kiss on the lips, said she loved me and we had a cuddle before she left that morning.

“Yeah, I was round my mates playing Ping-Pong and got a message on my BlackBerry saying: 'We need to talk, it’s about us'. I rang her and she said she thought we needed to go on a break and asked me whether I felt the same. I told her to make her mind up but she was saying she didn't know what to do. I got a bit upset, as any boy would. It was a really weird phone call and I was pretty baffed out.”

However, it appears as though the split might not be permanent as Joey admitted that Sam still loves him.

He said: “I’ve never fallen in love with a girl so quickly before. I know she feels the same way. She texted me the other day to say she still loves me. We still speak at least five times during the week.”

Oh the drama.

The lives of the TOWIE lot...


Being on The Only Way Is Essex has oppened up a door of opportunities for it's of them being dressing up to the nines to attend film premieres just like Jessica Wright has done...
Or for the lads, like Mark Wright and James 'Arg' Argent, it's being able to get into places like the Mayfair hotel!
The money from the show can also be used to enhance a few things, isn't that right Amy Childs....
Or, just spend it all on clothes a la Lauren Goodger...
Being filmed also means that you can go anywhere, so when the weather was hot, where did Amy and James go? Southend-on-sea of course!
WEhilst her gal pals are spending their TOWIE spending money on clothes, boob jobs and fake tans, Sam Faiers is being a little clever and investing her money in a little boutique...
But of course, work comes second for the lads of TOWIE as Mark Wright looks more than happy to spend his night and probably the morning at Funky Buddha
Or on the golf course...
And of course, celebrity friends! cue TOWIE's Lauren Pope and Kirk Norcross becoming BFFL with Katie Price and her beau
Celebrity friends? check. Freebies? check! Billie Faiers, Jessica Wright, Sam Faiers and Harry Durbridge can't wait to get their hands on the free loot at the Lipsy gifting event!
And when the activity of scrabmbling to get as many free things as they can carry, the girls reward themselves with a top up for their fake tan and a night on the tiles.
Surprsise surprise, the TOWIE do work, but it's not to strenuous, here are Jessica Wright, Lauren Pope, Kirk Norcross and Lydia Bright at a TOWIE book signing.
 If you thought it was just books, you were wrong, there's a DVDof the first series too!
Not being content with being famous for doing nothing, Maria Fowler and Lauren Goodger try their hand at filming a music video...
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