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By Deepika Rajani On July 18, 2011

X Factor USA Most Expensive Reality Show EVER!

You don't want to know how much one episode costs...

X Factor USA Most Expensive Reality Show EVER!
Photo: Splash News

It's no wonder Simon Cowell has been having nightmares, worrying about whether the X Factor USA will work, because it has been revealed that the X Factor USA is the most expensive reality show ever!

Admitting that the cost per episode is an estimated $3.5 million, Simon, who is normally cool as a cucumber, revealed to the Daily Mail that he'll be worried sick if the show doesn't gain the same success as the UK version has done since it started in 2004.

Putting his all into the new show, which will première in September, the media mogul and judge starred in a preview clip which showed him drive flashy sports cars and arriving to the auditions via helicopter with fellow judges, L.A. Reid, Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger.

Will you be tuning into the X Factor USA when it premières in the autumn.

Meet the X Factor USA judges...


 Simon and Paula - the old friends are tight. Lip tight!
 Do you think L.A Reid has just spotted Simon and Paula getting naughty?
 Nicole and her loyal fans
 Look at Simon and all that chest hair!
 Simon and Paula
 Nicole having a hoot!
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