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By Helen Sanders On July 13, 2011

Charlotte Church Caught With Knickers Round Her Ankles

After a drunken fumble with her boyfriend...

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Charlotte Church Caught With Knickers Round Her Ankles
Photo: Splash News

Seeing Charlotte Church drunk isn't anything new but it has been a while since she's embarrassed herself quite so spectacularly.

A new video has emerged, allegedly showing the Back to Scratch singer up against a van with her boyfriend, Jonathan Powell in a passionate clinch. One that left her with her knickers round her ankles. Classy.

The mother of two has recently dyed her hair bright red and in the video, it appears as though she is involved in the saucy encounter before being led back to the party without pulling up her knickers.

The incident took place at 10pm and fellow guest Jim Davies told The Sun: “I couldn't believe it. She clearly had no shame. The pair started getting amorous like teenagers - until someone came past.

“She was so drunk she couldn't even pull her knickers up. She almost fell over.”

Oh dear, oh dear....

Drunk and disorderly celebs...

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