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Jennifer Lopez Refers To American Idol In The Past Tense

Does that mean she's not comming back?

Jennifer Lopez Refers To American Idol In The Past Tense
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Jennifer Lopez may have just confirmed that she won't be returning to judge on season eleven of American Idol, after referring to the show in the past tense.

The star who has yet to officially quit or confirm her return to the judging panel, (reports have suggested that Mark Anthony wants her to quit)  told Home Shopping Network that "tries not to (think) too far in advance", before talking about the show, using the past tense.

Talking about how the show has become more compassionate since she and Steven Tyler joined, the star said: "I love that we were able to bring compassion back a bit. Because we're artists and we know what it's like to be in that position.

"Nobody likes to be cut down. Nobody likes to feel terrible about themselves. Even if they are not right for this business, you have to say things in a way that people can accept it, but you also want to push them to grow."

What do you think? Has Jen let the cat out of the bag?

If Jen does quit, who should replace her?...



Cheryl Cole


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