By Deepika Rajani On June 24, 2011

Jennifer Lopez's Husband Tells Her To Quit American Idol

Marc Anthony thinks Jen should spend more time with the family....

Jennifer Lopez's Husband Tells Her To Quit American Idol
Photo: Splash News

Yesterday we reported on the news that Jennifer Lopez was still undecided about returning to judge season eleven of American Idol. She was amazing on the show, why on earth would she not want to return?!

Well, it appears as though our answer lies in Jen's hubby, Marc Anthony who is reportedly trying to convince Jen to quit the show in order to spend more time with their family.

According to In Touch, Mard is "pushing J.Lo to quit Idol", because he wants her "to spend more time with him and their children."

A source revealed that the star "is ready to commit to a few more seasons, because she loves the job and the money, but Marc wants her to quit so she can spend more time with him.”

We hope Jen does sign up to another season of AI! Check out our top ten reason as to why the star should stay!

Jen's TV's hottest star!...



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