Brooke Vincent Will Miss Her Lesbian Love Scenes

She kissed a girl and she really liked it…

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Brooke Vincent Will Miss Her Lesbian Love Scenes
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Imagine going to work everyday and having to snog your best friend? Well that is what happens everyday for Corrie actress Brooke Vincent, whose character Sophie is in a lesbian relationship with Sian, played by her real-life best bud Sacha Parkinson.

However, at the end of the year all that kissing action is going to stop when Sacha Parkinson’s character leaves the street. In an interview with Star magazine, Brooke said: “The first time we kissed was probably the most nervous we’ve ever been. But it’s normal now – I can’t imagine not doing it. It sounds weird that we say we love it, but it’s because so many people love it – that makes us love it.”

She continued: “I’ve grown up with the Sophie character and I’ve always played the part as a little girl. Now, there’s a bit of a twist to the story and as an actress it’s really good. And for the producers to trust us with a big storyline makes us so proud.”

The soap star also admitted that men are always trying to get them to snog when they go out…but it’s something they’d only do if they were “very, very drunk.”

Well..., what’s a bit of saliva between friends?

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